001 - How Business Beyond Belief Came to Be

solo shows Oct 11, 2017

Episode 1 - this makes us official - right?!

In this episode I share MY journey of how I built my BBB starting from the very beginning.

Things looked very different then to how they do now - I started with baby carrier/sling obsession that quickly turned into an accidental online business... I've had a few changes in direction since then leading me eventually to what you see today.

It felt great sharing my story somewhere concrete - but a little aware of my own voice :)

Did you know this story? Any surprises?!

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000 - A Real Life Podcast!

solo shows Oct 10, 2017

Wow.... here we are - episode 000 of the Business Beyond Belief podcast is LIVE! I'm nervously awaiting your thoughts or just to know you've seen it exists ;) Be sure to say hi once you've listened and of course - come on over to the Facebook Group to join the big convo.


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